Airlines tweet to reduce fear

The world has been tweeting #MH370. The tragic disappearance of the Malaysian Airline plane has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Countless conversations have occurred on social media with endless suggestions of what may have happened. But how has social media been used by airlines during this time?

Building Trust

Despite how safe flying is, the fear of flying is common. With the recent disappearance of MH370, convincing these people to fly just got harder. So how can airlines use social media to help?

Building trust with potential passengers is an important start. If people can feel as though an airline cares about them, their well-being and their safety, then they will be more comfortable to purchase those flights to Bali they’ve been dreaming about.

Source: Qantas

Inspire Adventure

The most engaging airlines online trigger the imagination of followers. If you’ve ever planned a holiday, or ever just dreamed, you’d turn to images for inspiration of places to visit and potentially life-changing experiences to be had.

Social media allows airlines to collate these images for you to leisurely scroll through. It requires no effort from the customer and a solution for how to get there is presented right on their screen.

Is it enough?

With a simple scroll through your newsfeed you can simply find inspiration for your next holiday and immediately know who can get you there.  While you’re dreaming of exploring New York or laying on a beach in Thailand and with the trust Qantas or Emirates has gained, are you still afraid to fly? Or are you lost the excitement of your next adventure?

Is this enough to make you forget about your fear of flying? Or are airlines going to have to work over time to recover the confidence of their customers?


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